Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Skin and venereal diseases in some artworks of Saratov State Art Museum named after A. N. Radishev

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №3 Pages: 568-574
Heading: Skin Diseases Article type: Author's opinion
Authors: Utz S.R., Sherstneva V.N., Pashkova L.V., Galkina E.M., Persashvili M.A.
Organization: Saratov State Medical University, Saratov State Art Museum n.a. A.N. Radishchev

In this article we discuss the relation between dermato-venereology and art on examples of some European and Russian paintings from Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radishev. Features of artistic way of depiction cutaneous disorders in different historical periods are presented. Acquaintance with similar works of «artistic diagnostics» may be used in studying process and has cognitive, educational and social value.

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