Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Microelement content of bone tissue in transosseous osteosynthesis by II-izarov technique in high-altitude destinations (experimental research

Year: 2014, volume 10 Issue: №1 Pages: 119-123
Heading: Traumatology and Orthopedics Article type: Original article
Authors: Erokhin A.N., Isakov B.D., Nakoskin A.N.
Organization: Bishkek State Medical Academy, Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center «Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics»

Aim: To study the redistribution of microelements in bone tissue in osteosynthesis in high-altitude destinations. Material and Methods. The study was performed on 72 mongrel dogs of both sexes aged 1-3 years, weighing 10—15 kg. 32 dogs have been experienced the extended leg in lowlands destinations, another group of 32 animals have been experienced elongation produced in high-altitude destinations. The control group consisted of 8 healthy dogs of low mountain areas. The standard technique of surgery has been used in the research. Microelement composition has been studied by atomic absorption spectrophotometer AAS-1 N (Germany) in the long bones and the distraction regenerate. Shapiro —Wilk test was applied to analyze the normality. The data evaluation has been done by Student's t-test for unpaired samples. Results. Calcium and microelement imbalance has been obtained during transosseous osteosynthesis in high-altitude destinations, which causes functional changes in the musculoskeletal system, with similar clinical picture of Kashin — Beck. In the conditions of high-altitude destinations elongation of bones causes changes in microelements in the distraction regenerate. Conclusion. During distraction osteosynthesis in high-altitude destinations phase changes of microelements have been formed in the bone regenerate, which prognoses physiologically the formation of a false joint.

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