Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Influence of anaesthesia on energy metabolism in surgery

Year: 2013, volume 9 Issue: №1 Pages: 47-49
Heading: Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology Article type: Original article
Authors: Prigorodov М.V., Tashkaev I.V., Pominova I.V., Noskova I.L, virsta A.M.
Organization: Clinical hospital n.a. S. R. Mirotvortsev SSMU, Saratov State Medical University

The purpose of the article is to establish adequacy of protection of energy metabolism in a patient under anaes-thesiology in cholecystectomy from mini-access. Material et methods: 122 patients subjected to cholecystectomy from mini access have been surveyed. Among them 92 patients have got intravenous general anaesthesia with AVL, 30 patients have got prolonged epidural anaesthesia on spontaneous breath with insufflations of oxygen through an obverse mask with sedatations. Monitoring of energy-plastic metabolism has been carried out in all patients. Results: Groups of patients have been compared by anthropometrical data, traumatic interventions. In both groups of patients loss of energy to traumatic to an operation stage has insignificantly increased, but after the anaesthesia termination in the group of patients with intravenous anaesthesia loss of energy continued to rise, and in the group of patients with prolonged epidural blockade it has returned to the initial level. After the anaesthesia termination the energy metabolism became essential higher in the first group of patients in comparison with the second one (p

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