Saratov JOURNAL of Medical and Scientific Research

Efficacy Evaluation of Thymectomy in Myasthenia Patients

Year: 2009, volume 5 Issue: №2 Pages: 234-237
Heading: Neurology Article type: Original article
Authors: T.V. Romanova, M.J. Belyakova, S.J. Pushkin, A.P. Reshetov
Organization: Samara State Medical University

The condition of 71 patients with myasthenia after thymectomy has been analyzed. Supervision has been carried out from 6 months till 9 years. Thymic hyperplasia has been marked at histological research of operational material in 46,5% of patients. Thymic tumors have been revealed in 50,7% of cases, thymomas have been noticed in 16,7% of cases. In 2 cases (2,8%) atrophy of the thymus gland has been revealed. The excellent and good effects of surgical treatment have been received at 73,8 % of patients, in case of thymic hyperplasia in 76,7 %, and at thymic tumors — in 69,7%. Efficiency dependence includes surgery term according to the disease onset and the age of patients by the moment of operation. Thus, the excellent and good results have been received in 82 % of patients operated within the first two years after the onset of the disease.

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